New Step

What Is The Next Step Campaign?

The Next Step Campaign is a six week emphasis (April 13th - May 18th) on expansion--both in our faith and our facilities. We believe God is calling Casa View to step away from "business as usual" and position ourselves for greater things. We will either stay where we are as a church, or we will take The Next Step into what God has prepared for us.

Next Step

What Is The Goal?

As we seek to be all that God would have us to be, our goal is to raise $270,000 over 36 months to better serve the needs of our church and community. The funds that are raised will provide 84 additional parking spaces, a brand new children's playground facility, an outdoor sand-volleyball court, and basketball goals. Presently our parking situation is greatly limiting our ability to grow as we simply do not have enough space to accommodate our current numbers. We place tremendous value on our children and students. We want our ministry leaders in both of these areas to be equipped to effectively minister. While our ultimate goal is to have more worship and education space, we believe this is the next step God would have us take as a church at this time.

Options for Giving

Our church will only be able to take The Next Step as our membership commits to stand with us in prayer, service, and giving. Make a one time gift to The Next Step. Commit to give monthly or bi-monthly. Purchase a parking spot! Did you know a gift of $80 a month during our 36-month campaign will pay for an entire parking spot? All gifts are tax-deductible and, for your convenience, can be given right here on the website. Click here to give now.

Celebration Banquet, Sunday May 18th

On the final Sunday of the six week campaign we will have a special banquet to celebrate this exciting chapter in the story of Casa View Baptist. In addition to delicious food and warm fellowship, you will be given an opportunity to pledge your gift toward THE NEXT STEP. Join us at 6:00 PM.

Next Step Daily Devotionals

In addition to stepping out and trusting God with the financial elements of the NEXT STEP, we want this campaign to also be a special season of renewed spiritual focus. To that end we invite you to take advantage of the daily devotionals that will be provided the next six weeks. We believe you will be blessed and encouraged by these timely readings. For your convenience these devotionals may be accessed as follows:

Click HERE to Read the Devotionals

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Paper Copies will be available at the information desk each Sunday in the church lobby.